SightSync, a virtual assistant for visual impaired individuals 1st place overall

An app that describes the surroundings through voice interection, with the ability to ask for detailed information regarding object location and text labels.

Oriol Agost Batalla, Ferran Aran
VirtuWheel 2nd place overall

Real city driving simulator with hand pose recognition and interactive control deck

Jaume Ros Alonso
It’s not about winning 3rd place overall AXA challenge winner

"It’s not about winning" is a cutting-edge app designed to transform disputes into cooperative and goal-oriented conversations. By analyzing conflicts in real-time through audio files, it detects emotions and offers personalized communication advice. The app encourages effective ... (hover for more)

Indira Fömmel, Leonard Eyer, Gero Embser
BMS detction HCM Organizers' prize BMS challenge winner

model learning and qualtitative feedback diagnostic

Eddy BESSAH, gabriel paffi, Grégoire Longechamp
AWS Challenge AWS challenge winner

Our take on obtaining useful and compact information from the reviews (participation on AWS challenge).

Álvaro Domingo Reguero, Gustavo Vergara Gamboa, Lola Monroy Mir, Maria Gil
DailyEnhancer Logitech challenge winner

Plugins for loupedeck for making the life of coders easier

Adrià Martínez, Gerard Madrid, Isaac Bassas, Joel Miarons
Swissstuff Swissquote challenge winner

The gold standard of trading AI-powered consultant, in your pocket! :)

Petar Stojkovic, Giuseppe Steduto
Hey I Assistant Swissquote challenge winner

Your guide to financial horizons, integrating AI intelligence seamlessly with Swissquote

Gavrilo Vojteski, liam marsh, SM Mushtaq Bokhari, Tanguy Vansnick
Speaker Notes AXA challenge winner

Automatically transcribe the audio and annotate each slide of a presentation with the speaker's commentary summarized in the from of note, from any type of recordings of the presentation (mp4 file format), as well as the pdf of the presentation.

Camille Challier, David Friou, Marianne Scoglio, Wesley Monteith
EPFL Polling EPFL Sustainability challenge winner

Platform for polling on sustainable initiatives by EPFL

Achille Triomphe, Julien Coquet, Alexandre Ballenghien
aiZ.log Open Systems challenge winner

AI supported log analyzer and system debugger.

Colin Berger, Jonas Sulzer, Yoan Giovannini
3 minutes delay SBB challenge winner

Multimodal travel planner

Jonas Rindlisbacher, Natali Gogishvili, Oskar Dąbkowski, Yoric Züger
Intermodal Transport Solutions SBB challenge winner

Intermodal transport planner which allows SBB passengers to plan journeys from P+R stations to which they can take their own car. Creates a low-barrier of entry for classical car users.

Lauzcom Assistant Swisscom challenge winner

A genius customised GPT-powered chatbot that can extract Swisscom's juiciest secrets faster than you can say "chocolate fondue" at a Swiss ski lodge.

Carmen Marcos Sánchez de la Blanca, Daan Rosendal
SwisscomQuest: Unlock the Enigma of Swisscom Expertise Swisscom challenge winner

Ask your Swisscom-related question in Italian, French, German, or English, and utilize our specially designed tool that provides answers and gathers information on a unique webpage. Enjoy!!!

Mohamed Amir Braham, ilyes Hammouda, Jasser Rouis
Project Mycelium S2S challenge winner

Mycelium addresses the problem of logistic bottlenecks by introducing a fleet of flexible autonomous robots capable of dynamically navigating diverse environments

Muhammad Aman Ahmad Tifli, Dominic Wong
Amazon Review Tools

Our project aims to provide an accessible interface for amazon sellers to summarize user reviews on specific products.

Ali Emre Senel, Lorenzo Calda
Amazon Review Tools

Our project aims to provide an accessible interface for amazon sellers to summarize user reviews on specific products.

Alberto Paolo Lolli
Bioicons PDB2Vector